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Black Ensemble Theater

Written by Reginald Williams
Directed by Rueben Echoles
Opening July 20, 2014 running through September 7, 2014

Many people think that the most famous girl group to come out of Motown was The Supremes, but history says differently.  It was five young teenagers from Inkster, Michigan who helped to propel Motown into national stardom and gave them their first “million-seller.”  The name of this dynamic group was The Marvelettes and their voices helped launch the company to prominence.   Their name might not be as familiar as some of the other Motown legends, but the songs they made famous like  “Don’t Mess with Bill,” “Hunter Gets Captured by the Game,” “My Baby Must be a Magician,” “Beechwood 45789,” and “Please Mr. Postman” will guarantee their place in our musical memories forever.   We’re going to take you back to a dynamic era in history where the voices were more than just supreme – they were absolutely marvelous.